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Convert 100 % enquiries to orders

“easyGrahak” is the best available and most user friendly tool to manage your client database, enquiries, follow-ups, meetings and order schedules


Easily Track Invoices

Easily track outstanding and partially paid invoices. Follow up with the customers and ensure you get paid.

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Increase Productivity

“easyGrahak” is the best available solution in the market to manage your client database, enquiries, flow of follow-ups, meetings scheduling

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What is easyGrahak ?
“easyGrahak” is a simple and easy-to-use software tool to manage and keep track of all your enquiries, follow-ups, meetings, reminders, client records, quotations, invoices and receipts in a very systematic and easily accessible way. “easyGrahak” is designed to save valuable business time and improve productivity while working in a very cost effective way. “easyGrahak” keeps all your business enquiries with all details in one place and ensures auto-reminders for next follow-ups, meeting schedules, quotation submissions and invoices.
……… know from which sources your enquiry has been generated
Web-Based Solution (24x7)

Multiple Branch Operations

Dashboard with Overview
Follow-ups Insights

Reminder Management

Employee Performance
Graphical Trend Charts / Reports

Mobile App for ‘anywhere use”

SMS & Email Integration
Why easyGrahak?
One click enquiry access

Eliminate repetitive work

Follow-up auto-Reminder

Meeting Scheduler

Paperless system

Status wise reports & Trend Charts

24x7 availability

Graphical Charts with Statistics

All enquiries in one place

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